Closing Your Pool in the Fall

Posted by Denise on 09/13/2016

Closing your pool in the fall

Pumpkin-flavored things.

Changing leaves.

Sweaters and vests. 

Cooler weather.

Pool closings.

What do all of these things have in common? Fall!

It seems like just yesterday pools were opening for the season and summer fun was upon us, but with the onset of cooler months comes preparation on your part.

Closing your pool in the fall is a step that pool owners shouldn’t miss, especially here in Oklahoma. We’ll tell you when you should close your pools and share tips and tricks from our professionals so opening your pool next summer will be a breeze.

The right temperature

“As we all know, our Oklahoma weather can change at the drop of a hat. One day it’s 100 degrees and the next it’s in the 50s. With that being said, closing your pool in the fall should happen when the temperature is steadily below 60 degrees,” said Jayme Allen, pool designer at Blue Haven Pools and Spas in Oklahoma City.

“The first cool day we have shouldn’t scare you to close your pool for the year. Before the temperatures are consistently low, shutting your pool down too early can cause algae to grow.

“Some customers with pool covers prefer to ‘schedule’ their closings before the autumn leaves fall to prevent more clean up,” said Jayme. “For the rest of my customers, I suggest during October or November because our Oklahoma temperatures can be consistently cooler during those months.”

Pool closing tips

Aside from choosing the right time of year, Jayme suggests a few more tips for closing your pool:

  • Brush, brush, brush your pool.
  • Balance the pool water.
  • Raise chlorine levels to a high ppm.
  • Add a high quality, non-ammonia, non-foaming algaecide.
  • Take care of the skimmer. It’s the pool part most susceptible to freeze damage, so pour swimming pool designed antifreeze into the skimmer. After doing that, drain the pool water level below the skimmer face to protect it from cracking.

Closing your pool for the fall doesn’t have to be a daunting task, but it is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. By knowing the right temperature and a few tips from our professionals, you’ll be sipping your pumpkin spiced latte and enjoying the cooler months.

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