10 Pool Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

Posted by BigWing | LOCALiQ on 02/24/2022

Pool Patio and Landscaping Ideas

Putting in a pool certainly adds to the appeal of your backyard, but what will you do with the pool patio? Do you want something family friendly and fun, sophisticated and elegant, or resort-like and beachy? There’s so much potential for turning your outdoor space into an oasis, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it. Here, we offer 10 pool patio ideas to give you inspiration and start you thinking about how to create the perfect getaway in your own back yard. 

  1. Upsize your patio. This may be one of those backyard pool and patio ideas that hasn’t crossed your mind, but it’s worth considering. Some homes have a large expanse of yard beyond the pool, and it often ends up being wasted space that doesn’t get much action unless it’s being mowed. Why not expand your patio area instead? This will give you room for a separate but connected dining or seating area so that you’ll have a truly functional outdoor entertaining space.
  2. Give it a cozy bistro feel. Whether your pool patio is large or small, adding small tables for two gives it an intimate feel while also fitting into both your pool patio ideas and budget. For a small area, one bistro table with two chairs will suffice. If your patio is large, use several sets to create nooks for relaxing and chatting. Placing bistro tables along with other elements like a fire pit or outdoor oven opens up the possibilities for gathering. 
  3. Save money by using sand or rocks. While you’ll definitely want cement, pavers, or another solid type of pool decking right around the pool, expanding further out doesn’t have to involve the expense of continuing the solid decking. You can easily create a seating area or play space using smooth river rocks or sand to make it feel like an oasis while also decreasing the expense. 
  4. Mix it up for increased interest. Using more than one hardscaping material can make the pool patio visually striking. You might consider decking around the pool with pavers further out to divide the space into lounging and dining areas. Another of the more aesthetically appealing patio pool ideas is to mix up the sizes and shapes of your pavers. You might go between rectangular and square pavers or small and large sizes, either in a repeating motif or a random layout. Especially if you’re looking for patio ideas with pools that are oddly shaped as the focus, this can be a great strategy for keeping things interesting. 
  5. Consider color. Pool patios are made of different materials, but their colors typically suggest natural elements. Browns, grays, blues, and dusky greens hint at masonry, natural stone, sandy beaches, and sparkling water. You can certainly have a completely neutral pool patio in one shade if that’s what works best with your pool’s surroundings. You could also incorporate different colors into your palette, perhaps outlining the pool in a lighter color than the rest of the deck or creating a pathway or border in a different colored paver. You can also choose natural stone pavers that have interesting variations of colors to make your pool patio stand out. 
  6. Build in some seating. It’s a great way to save space if you’re short on poolside area and separate seating would overcrowd things. However, it’s also the perfect way to accommodate additional seating if you’ll sometimes, but not always, have a large crowd. Consider dropping the patio around the pool down a level to provide poolside seating, or have the seats built into a surrounding wall. 
  7. Make it sleek and elegant. Large format porcelain pavers with a rectified edge can give a uniquely sophisticated look to your pool patio. Because all four sides are precisely and uniformly finished, they fit together with a minimal grout joint, for a modern look. If porcelain seems an unusual option for a pool patio, note that porcelain can replicate natural stone. It’s also stain-resistant, so when paired with thin grout, it’s easy to maintain. 
  8. Level up to keep it interesting. If you’ve got the space, consider designing your pool deck with different levels, offering more to draw the eye than an expanse of flat space. Low, wide steps can carry you safely from one functional part to another while creating boundaries and giving an elegant look. You might also think about using low walls to break up the area while providing a backing for seating areas or dining space. Doing this will keep the pool patio lively while also giving it an intimate feel. 
  9. Create a lush oasis. Maybe seating arrangements and patio tables are not your style. Do you dream of swimming in a gorgeous natural setting? You can do this in your own back yard. Using lush plants, with colorful blooms and bright greenery, and natural materials, you can make your pool patio a serene escape from your everyday life. Incorporating a water feature like a waterfall or fountain can make it even more tranquil and soothing. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can make it a garden oasis by using containers or planters to anchor the space. 
  10. Expand your living space into the outdoors. Increasingly, people are carrying their design aesthetic out of the house and into their outdoor spaces. Why simply have a back yard when you can have an outdoor living space? This space can be as simple as elaborate as you want it to be. Maybe you just want a covered patio poolside, offering somewhere to relax outside and enjoy the poolside ambience in comfort without getting too much sun. On the other hand, maybe you want to go all in on an outdoor room with deep-seating furniture, a custom fireplace, and custom kitchen complete with outdoor appliances and a dining set with a large table for outdoor dinner parties. If you’ve got the budget to indulge your imagination, you can elevate your pool parties to an entirely new level!

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