4 Benefits of Inground Pools vs. Above Ground Pools

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 04/21/2021

house with rectanglur inground pool with spa

Do you dream of having a backyard swimming pool for your family to enjoy? This could be the year you make that dream a reality! The question is, should you go with an inground pool or one that sits above ground? While the cost to install an inground pool vs. above ground pool can differ significantly, investing in a permanent, inground installation could be well worth it. Consider these four reasons why. 

Pleasing Appearance 

Most people agree  an inground pool is more attractive because iresembles a natural body of water. You also have unique options to customize an inground pool’s appearance and functionality that aren’t available with an above ground pool. 

For instance, you can add a built-in swim out bench, where you can sit and relax partially submerged in the water. Swim outs don’t take up the surface area that pool steps require, but they offer the same benefit of entering the water gradually instead of jumping straight in. Sun shelves are another option. These are large enough to place a lounge chair in the water to optimize your relaxation time by the pool. 

Inground installations are also available with attractive pool coping. This edging separates the pool shell from the surrounding deck, creating a protective border that also improves the pool’s aesthetics. Choose from a wide range of colors, styles, and materials, including travertine, porcelain pavers, marble, flagstone, and concrete. It’s easy to match the coping to your landscape or complement your home’s architectural features. 

On the other hand, even a top-of-the-line above ground installation looks like nothing more than a glorified hot tub. The highest compliment someone can give an above ground pool is to point out that it looks almost as nice as an inground pool. That should tell you something. 

Easy Customization 

The chance to design a custom pool is only possible with an inground installation. What shape do you prefer? Square, rectangular, oval, Greek-style, free-form  the possibilities are endless! Then, you can choose the pool coping, liner, and decking materials, as well as the surrounding landscaping to complement the overall design. 

These options are a stark contrast to above ground pools, which are limited to a round stock tank. It’s possible to design the tank’s exterior and even install an elevated wraparound deck, but the customizations end there.  

 house with freeform inground pool

Added Home Value 

Inground swimming pools typically increase home value, though several circumstances affect just how much it contributes. Depending on the climate, housing market, neighborhood expectations, and existing property values, you can expect installing a pool to add about $12,000 to $95,000 to your home’s selling price. 

Remember, keeping up with pool maintenance is critical to ensure an inground pool doesn’t drag your home value down. After all, a neglected pool in desperate need of repair is likely to deter prospective buyers. The same goes for above ground pools. They aren’t as visually pleasing, even when maintained properly, so a neglected above ground pool is practically homebuyer repellant. 

Automation Capabilities 

Every pool owner wants clean, healthy water to swim in. An inground pool with automated features makes it easier than ever to achieve these goals. Automation means you spend less time maintaining your pool and more time relaxing and playing in the water. 

The state-of-the-art SmartFeatures™ available exclusively from Blue Haven Pools are only compatible with inground pools. We can recommend the appropriate mix of SmartFeatures™ based on your pool’s size, design, and local climate conditions.  

  • SmartSaver uses a microprocessor to run your pool cleaning and filtration systems, saving you time and lowering power consumption. 
  • SmartFlow™ JetSystem maximizes pool cleaning and circulation by attacking dirt along interior pool surfaces and preventing “dead zones. It also provides warmer, fresher water in less timeat a lower cost, and with fewer chemicals. 
  • SmartFilter™ with Microban® is an ultra-efficient pool filter designed to conserve water and inhibit mold growth, so the filter stays cleaner, longer. 
  • SmartPure® Ozonator, an ozone generator, safely and effectively cleans your pool, resulting in pristine, swim-ready water without the harsh effects of chlorine. 
  • SmartMax StarPump is the industry’s most efficient and quietest-running residential pool pump. 
  • SmartVac® pool cleaner is an automated unit that rapidly cleans inground pools in just three to four hours. 
  • SmartBrite® is a distinctive quartz aggregate finish with a slip-resistant surface and durable, stain-fighting color. 
  • SmartSeries is a collection of in-floor pool-cleaning systems. Pop-up nozzles create “cleaning zones” with water jets that fully automate the cleaning process. 
  • SmartTherm offers an array of gas and electric heat pump pool heaters to economically extend the swimming season into spring and fall. 
  • SmartLight® LEDs are a safe and energy-efficient way to illuminate your pool in dazzling, jewel-tone colors that change with the push of a button. 
  • SmartControls is a wireless remote system you can use to control your pool heater, jets, lights, water features, and much more. 

Install an Inground Pool in Oklahoma City 

With so many benefits, you should now have a clear answer to the above ground pool vs. inground pool debate. If you have decided to install an inground pool, choose Blue Haven for the job. We are Oklahoma City’s premier inground pool contractor. We provide in-home estimates, with pricing and custom pool plans available for new construction and renovations. Our experience dates back over 30 years, so you can count on our skilled, knowledgeable team to deliver impeccable designs and craftsmanship. 

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