7 Things to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Pool

Posted by Denise on 08/23/2016

Two lounge chairs near a swimming pool

A swimming pool is a great addition to your yard, especially during the steamy summer months. Days spent splishing and splashing, the smell of sunscreen, family time, and countless memories — what a great way to spend the summer.

Before diving into the deep end, we recommend asking yourself these seven things before installing an in-ground swimming pool.

1. Why do you want a pool?

This might seem like a simple question to answer, but it’s the first thing someone should think about before making a pool investment. Do you want a pool for exercise? Will you use it to enjoy time with family, friends, or the grandkids? Your answers could determine the type of pool you need.

2. Are you financially ready?

After determining why you want a pool, it’s time to think about the not-so-fun stuff – finances. Make sure you keep in mind how much you want to pay for pool installation and the maintenance for the years to come. Yes, that maintenance can add up for test strips, chemicals, equipment, and more, so it’s important to think about these things ahead of time. Finally, check with your insurance agent before pool installation. Most pools are covered under homeowners insurance, but it’s best to check in case your rates increase.

3. Could neighborhood or city rules affect installation?

Does your neighborhood have a homeowners association? If so, it’s important to be abreast of their rules and regulations ahead of time before getting too far into the pool installation process. Your pool builder will check the local building codes, but it’s not a bad idea to brush up on those rules yourself so no surprises arise during installation.  

4. What is the right design for you?

It’s important to determine what size, shape, material, and other factors should go into your pool. For example, do you want vinyl, gunite or fiberglass as your pool material? Also, take into account the location of your pool in your backyard, match your pool to your home style, and think about your family’s long-term pool needs.   

5. What about safety?

Safety is key, especially when it involves a pool. Some things to consider are adding a fence around the pool if small children will use it, sending children to swimming lessons if they aren’t strong swimmers, and installing non-slip, resistant surfaces around the perimeter of the pool, entry, and exit.

6. Do you have a reliable contractor?

It seems simple enough, but finding the right pool contractor is important. Asking the right questions, checking credentials, and reviewing their portfolio are just a few critical steps not to be missed.

7. What else does your backyard need?

Your pool is your pool, but it’s the additions around it that add the ambiance and the true “pool vibe.” One way to create that vibe are with hardscaping, including benches, patio furniture, and sidewalks. Landscaping and flowers around your pool are also another way, but make sure not to use flowering plants because they attract bees. Finally, string lights, tiki torches, or other lighting are great additions.

There you have it: those are the seven things to ask yourself before installing an in-ground swimming pool. To learn about the full pool installation process or to talk with our staff at Blue Haven Oklahoma City about installing a pool of your own, give us a call today!