Ask Santa for These Top Pool Accessories This Season

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 12/16/2020

Automation makes mundane tasks a thing of the past. The same can be done with your pool maintenance. By adding our Smart Features, many pool tasks can fall into the  “set it and forget it” category. Get back that time you’d spend maintaining your pool and relax even longer in your Blue Haven pool.  

These add-on options are great for making your job as a pool owner easier. Integrated with the pool while it’s built, these features help clean and automate your pool maintenance. If you’re looking to add a pool in 2021, here are our top SmartFeature options you should add to your Christmas wish list. 

SmartGuard™ Soft & Clear 

Improve your pool water’s look and feel with the SmartGuard Soft & Clear system! You can give your pool a more clean and elegant look with the SmartGuard sanitizer while reducing your exposure to harsh pool cleaning chemicals. When added to your pool, the SmartGuard system provides an army of microscopic scrubbing brushes that help prevent, the scourge of tough scale and icky, bacteria laden biofilm on pool surfaces.  It fights off algae blooms and greatly improves filter performance.  Water clarity is maximized and your pool water will sparkle. With zero maintenance required, it’s the perfect gift for your pool. Plus, it’s eco-friendly!  

SmartSeries™ In-Floor System 

Automate routine pool cleaning with in-floor pool nozzles. The SmartSeries In-Floor System is integrated as the concrete is poured during the pool build. When it’s time for pool cleaning, recessed pool nozzles rise from the floor and direct debris toward a drain or skimmer. Recessed jets also improve water circulation. This helps when heating the pool and dispersing cleaning solutions throughout the pool. Speak with our designers to see if the In-Floor System is a right fit for your pool. 

SmartPure® Ozonator 

Clean your pool automatically using the powerful combination of O3 and UVC with the SmartPure Ozonator!  Not only is it safer than harmful pool chemicals, it’s environmentally friendly as well.  

Ozone is a natural element that’s compounded three times. It has the unique smell of fresh water after a rainstorm and gives water that glistening look. When cleaning, it works 3,000 times faster than chlorine, is much safer for swimmers, and reduces the need for chlorine and shock by up to eighty percent! 

Ultraviolet light is a safe disinfectant. When used in swimming pools, the UV rays clean pool water as it’s passed through a closed chamber.  Hydroxyl radicals destroy bacteria such as Giardia, E. coli, and Cryptosporidium.  It also removes chloramines which cause stinging eyes, and foul smell.  

Combined together, ozone and UV light provide many benefits. The Ozonator provides a safer solution to keeping your pool clean. The pool water has a more natural and soft appearance and there aren’t any toxic byproducts left behind that are harmful to people, pets, and the environment.  

Speak with one of our pool designers to learn more about this filter system during the design phase of your pool. 


Control your pool and spa right from the palm of your hand. SmartControls from Blue Haven give you full command of your pool from any phone or tablet. Automate how you enjoy your pool by controlling the lights, cleaning, filtration, heating, spa jets, and water features. 

SmartFilter™ With Microban® 

Help keep your pool clean while you preserve the environment with the SmartFilter. This filter is designed to give you crystal clear water all year long. The high capacity filter requires minimal cleaning and doesn’t need backwashed, saving you gallons of chemically contaminated water you’d end up dumping. 

Built to last, the SmartFilter’s tank is built from durable glass-reinforced co-polymer made to withstand the harshest chemicals. This filter can handle most cleaning treatments.  

In addition, the SmartFilter is armed with powerful antimicrobial Microban technology to protect it from mold, mildew, and bacteria.  

SmartPure® Mineral Flow 

The SmartPure Mineral Flow allows you to clean your pool with natural minerals. Time-released silver molecules rid your water of microorganisms, and deploy minerals to kill bacteria for six months. SmartPure also allows you to reduce your use of chlorine by up to fifty percent. 

The mineral delivery system sits right inside the skimmer basket, cleaning the pool water as it circulates. This feature can also be installed after the pool is built. 

These SmartFeatures are a great way to enhance your pool and are designed to help maintain your pool without you having to lift a finger. It’s important to note that the SmartGuard Soft & Clear, SmartSeries In-Floor System, SmartPure OzonatorSmartControls, and SmartFilter can’t be installed after the pool is built and must be added during the installation process. However, the SmartPure Mineral Flow can be added after the pool is built. To learn more about these features, speak with our pool designers to learn more about what features will work best for your pool. 

In addition to essential pool cleaning supplies, we also offer general pool services and repair. Send us a message, give us a call at 405-844-7500, or drop by and see us at our Blue Haven location in Edmond!