Beach Vacation Canceled? Bring the Beach to You!

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 07/21/2020

 woman sitting in beach chai in her backyard with vacation supplies

With the resurgence of coronavirus cases across the country, many people are canceling or postponing their summer vacation plans in order to avoid crowds and stay safe at home. For many families, that annual beach vacation will have to wait till next summer.

But, just because you can’t physically go to the beach doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach to your backyard! We’ve rounded up several ideas for turning your backyard into the perfect paradise for your home staycation this year.

What Is A Staycation?

A staycation is the perfect way to relax in the comfort of your own home. Schedule that paid time off, make sure the kids are available, and have a relaxed summer vacation without ever leaving your property. Instead of going out and interacting with the public, bring all the amenities to your backyard for a leisurely experience. Staycations are also great as they eliminate the stress and hassle of actually traveling.

Beach Staycation Idea 1: Watch A Movie Outside

family watching movie in yard looking at projector screen

Bring the movie screen outside! Setting up a projector and watching your favorite summer movies is a great way to enjoy your time at home. With a king-sized white bed sheet as a screen or a large TV, you can bring the drive-in theater to your backyard. Lounge in the pool and watch a nautical-themed movie such as “Jaws” or “Finding Nemo” to add to the theme.

Set up a table for snacks that fit the theme. Serve goldfish crackers for “Finding Nemo” or homemade “pirate’s booty” popcorn when watching “Pirates of the Carribean.” Be extremely careful with smaller snacks as they can easily be lost in pool filters or other pool parts.

Beach Staycation Idea 2: Make Summer Cocktails For Taste Testing

There’s nothing better than sipping an ice-cold drink on a warm summer evening. Whether it be a chilled mojito or a refreshing piña colada, a fruity drink is the perfect way for the age-21-and-over imbibers to capture a tropical getaway.

Here are a few of our favorite summer cocktails:

  • Tom Collins - a fizzy gin cocktail with a splash of lemon juice
  • Pina Colada - a smooth fruity drink with rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream
  • Mojito - a refreshing fizzy drink with rum and mint leaves

Be adventurous with your tropical cocktail recipes and have a taste test night. Try different types of rums or create a drink you’ve never tried before. The combinations are limitless!

Beach Staycation Idea 3: Add A Hammock

A hammock is one way to relax in tropical style. Whether you’re taking a nap in the shade or reading a good book, a hammock is a great piece to add to your backyard. Not only do they fit the theme, they’re easy to set up and the natural swinging motion can help you relax.

There are all kinds of hammocks you can choose to fit your style. If you don’t have the trees to tie each end to, pergola posts can be a sturdy second option. A hammock mount or stand is also a good option depending on the space available.

Beach Staycation Idea 4: Build A Cabana

Cabanas are a hut or canopy structure near a beach or swimming pool. Bring this tropical feature to your backyard by either purchasing one or building one yourself, if you’re up to the task. Use a sailcloth or king-sized bed sheet as a roof, build a frame, and you’re ready for relaxing. This structure can provide shade and comfort for hours in your backyard. Decorate the area with lights, chairs, and pillows to create a more fun and inviting space.

Beach Staycation Idea 5: Add Lighting

Lighting can be used to enhance your outdoor space and give your yard a relaxing feel. Stringing lights around your patio, deck, or pergola can help create a beautiful illumination. Landscape lighting can also help accent outdoor features such as your pool, water fountains, plants, and other structures.

Beach Staycation Idea 6: Spa Day by the Pool

woman relaxing in pool on floatie

Enjoy a relaxing day in the pool! Move lawn chairs to the shallow end of your pool (also known as a sun shelf or a Baja bench) to make a tanning ledge and bask in the sun as the water keeps you cool — but don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you’re more into floating, inflatable rafts are for you. Get an inflatable made for lounging and spend the day floating around your pool as you read a book or take a nap. Inflatables with a cup holder are better as you have easier access to water to stay hydrated in the heat.

If you’re looking to transform your backyard into your dream island getaway, Blue Haven can design and build just that. Our expert staff can design and build your pool and landscape the area to tie the whole space together.

In addition to essential pool cleaning supplies, we also offer general pool services and repair. 

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