Best Pool Games for Children and Adults

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 07/16/2021

adults playing water volleyball

A cool, clear swimming pool is a beautiful place to be on a hot summer day. Splashing around with your kids is a great way to promote family togetherness and have some fun. When you learn how to play swimming pool games, though, you take pool time to another level! Here are some tips for learning how to play the very best pool games for the ultimate in summer fun.  

Simple, Classic Pool Games 

Some of the best games are the simplest. They don’t require a lot of equipment and are simple to explain.  

  • Tug of War: All you need for this is a rope! Just establish a center point and put one team on either side of it, each holding the end of the rope. When you shout “Go!” each team should pull their hardest and try to drag the opposing team past the center point.   
  • Beach Ball Race: Give each child a beach ball and see who can push the ball from one side of the pool to the other. Throwing is against the rules! 
  • Air Ball: This can be played with any number of people. Just toss a beach ball into the pool and try to keep it from hitting the water by batting it around with your hands.  
  • Floatie Race: This is similar to a beach ball race, but a little different. Gather as many floaties as there are people at the pool, choosing the most ridiculous floaties you can possibly find. Everyone picks a floatie, climbs on, and races across the pool.  
  • Diving sticks: You can purchase diving sticks to throw into the pool so people can dive for them. For fun twist, get glow sticks instead, snap them, and throw them into the pool at dusk. Whoever can get the most sticks, wins!

Old School Pool Games 

Old school games can still be fun. These will take you back to your childhood days.  

  • Marco Polo: One person is Marco, and Marco must close his or her eyes and try to tag everyone else in the poolTo locate the other people in the pool, Marco yells “Marco!” and the others must respond, “Polo!” Marco lunges in the direction of the voices and tries to tag the “Polos.  
  • Sharks and Minnows: One person is the shark; all of the others are minnows. The shark stands in the middle of the pool and yells go, at which point the other kids jump in. The shark tries to catch all the minnows, and each person who is tagged gets out, until it’s down to one shark and one minnow. The first person who was tagged, though, becomes the next shark.  
  • Breath Holding Contest: No equipment needed! Just see who can stay underwater the longest without taking a breathHowever, please use caution and always supervise children when playing this game.  

children jumping into pool with floaties


Other Pool Games to Try 

  • Want a game that makes the kids think? Try the Quick Jump Quiz. Everyone lines up at the deep end, and one person is the designated quizmaster. One by one, the children step toward the pool and jump in, and as they’re moving, but before they jump, the quizmaster asks a question. The child must answer it between the jump and hitting the water. Questions start out easier and get progressively harder.  
  • Do you know how to play pool basketball? It’s easy once you buy a basketball hoop! This game works best with a crowd. Just divide into two teams and shoot the ball into a floating basketball hoop to score points. If you’re asking, “Where can I buy a pool basketball hoop?”, that’s an easy one. Check out Amazon or your local big box retailer.  
  • Can your pool accommodate pool volleyball? How deep is a volleyball pool, anyway? To allow people standing in the water to play, it should be maybe three or four feet, which means your shallow end is probably perfect. You’ll need a volleyball set, which is basically just a net to string across the pool and a ball to hit back and forth. Once you’re set up, you play the game just as you would on land. If you want to slow things down, use a beach ball.  

Ready to Install a Pool? 

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