Blue Haven's Pool Design Guide

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 01/21/2021

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. They’re the perfect way to escape the heat during the summer or relax after a long day. Choosing the right pool design is the starting point of designing your dream backyard. Depending on your style and budget, there’s a pool perfect for you.

Modern Pool Designs

These pools offer a sleek, sharp look. Modern pool designs feature strong lines with a minimalistic appearance. The pool design presents a simple and calm look to any space. With a versatile look, the design can fit in with any of the latest style trends.

Modern swimming pools fit anywhere. Their rectangular shape works well in any size yard. They’re functional and the centerpiece for a small yard, and for large yards, they provide extra emphasis on the yard’s existing landscape.

Geometric Pool Designs

Geometric pools share some similarities with modern pools. These pools feature ovals and circular shapes in their design. Geometric pools feature curves in their design, breaking up the straight lines a modern pool has. These pools fit well with homes that have many exterior angles such as modern homes.

The geometric design pairs well with modern outdoor furniture. As opposed to free-form pools and their soft curvature design, geometric pools are more defined. These pools allow for a seamless transition from pool to patio furniture.

Classic Pool Designs

Classic Pools are described as a subcategory of geometric pools. Also referred to as Roman or Greek-style pools, these designs date back to Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Classic pools use both rectangular shapes and curves and can be broken down into two styles.

Grecian Pool Design

These pool designs are a rectangular shape with the corners modified. A true Grecian design is a rectangular pool without the 90-degree corners. Over time, the style changed to a softer inward curve for corners.

Roman Pool Design

Much more popular than the Grecian, the entire corners are curved. These pools will be seen with the entire end of the pool finish with a curve. Of course, you can modify the design and some people prefer a “half Roman” where one end is rounded off.

These pool styles blend well with classical architecture, but it can also take on a more modern look. Its flexibility and simple geometric shape is flexible with most styles.

Free-Form Pool Designs

Free-form pools are just that, a break away from any specific style. Free-form pools are often referred to as radius pools due to their curvilinear lines. Technically, any pool with rounded edges can be a radius pool. Many designers, however, go by the more popular term, free-form pool.

These pools are fastly growing in popularity due to their unique look and curvature. Free-form pools give off the vibe of a more natural-looking pool, allowing homeowners to decorate it with a tropical-looking feel. Its soft, flowing shape provides a natural look similar to a lagoon. It can be the perfect contrast from the geometric yard or home you have.

Free-form shapes can accommodate additional features. You can add a tanning ledge or a swim-up bar without interfering with your diving board or swimming area.

Your pool is your pool. You can modify it to fit your style and needs. If you have an idea in mind, contact our pool designers today to get started. We’ll be happy to help you build the perfect pool you’ve been dreaming about. 

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