Build an Inground Spa to Bring Warmth Into Your Winter

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 11/20/2020

Don’t let the winter cold stop you from enjoying your pool. An inground spa can extend your pool activity all year long. If you’re looking to add a hot tub to your pool, an inground spa is your solution.

An inground spa is a versatile option for any backyard. It can be a water feature integrated into your pool, especially during the colder months of the year when the warm jets can relax you. Reaching 103 degrees, you’ll never want to get out. Here’s why an inground spa is right for you.

Aesthetic Appeal

Inground spas have an elegant look. Their seamless design can easily blend with the rest of the pool. Add lights, fountains, or other features to accent your spa.  

Compared to a jacuzzi’s individual seating, spas have a built-in shelf for more seating space. Add bubblers, laminers, and sheer descents to provide more decoration around your spa. LED lights and jets add to the luxurious appeal.


Inground spas are customizable. You can have them installed submerged, partially exposed, or above ground. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Whether you want a small, two-person spa or a spa large enough to accommodate a group, they offer you a wide range in selection. Spas can come in many shapes as well. From a simple circle design to one that contours with your pool, your spa can be versatile.

For smaller backyards, an inground spa is perfect. Design your spa to fit any dimension. Your spa can be made for just two people or to host a party. Spools, which are a combination of a pool and a spa, reach the dimensions of 8 feet by 12 feet which allows for more people to stretch out and float.

Health Benefits

Spas can help improve your body’s circulation. The hot temperatures remove toxins and relieve stress from your joints. They can help manipulate your lymphatic system and soothe deep tissue soreness. With powerful jets, they can help massage your sore muscles after a long day. 

An inground spa is an ideal way to relax and relieve stress. A study on cardiovascular health found that resting in a spa can reduce high blood pressure. This can help reduce the risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Choice of Materials

Spas can be made from several different materials depending on your style. You can choose from the following materials:

  • Concrete
  • Acrylic
  • Tile
  • Stone

With many materials to choose from, matching the style of your pool is seamless.

At Blue Haven Pools & Spas, we build our spas with gunite and quartz plaster. Built-in jets provide more power for a deeper massage. Our spas are made with plaster, that way you can choose the color of it, and tile options around the top as well as coping such as flagstone, brick or travertine.

An inground spa is a great way to enhance your pool experience. Adding a spa can let you enjoy your pool even in the colder months. With many custom options to choose from, there’s an inground pool that fits you.

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