Easy Ways to Improve and Enhance Your Pool

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 02/24/2020

inground swimming pool with attractive landscaping

As a pool owner, most of your time and effort probably goes into things like keeping the pool clean, ensuring all equipment is running correctly, maintaining a proper pH, and dealing with all the stuff the Oklahoma winds manage to blow into the pool all the time. 

But what about making your pool and surrounding yard look better while increasing functionality and comfort as well? It’s sometimes hard to know where to even start. 

Fortunately, we’ve compiled some ideas you can try out to enhance and improve every aspect of your pool, from the water itself, to the features on the outside, and plenty more in between. 

Let’s jump right in!

Upgrade Your Lighting

pool lighting to enhance swimming pool


Whether you’re an avid night swimmer, or simply want some better aesthetics when relaxing in your backyard during the evening, upgrading the lights in and around your pool is a simple change that can have a substantial impact on both form and function. 

Swapping out your old pool lights for LED lights is an easy and cost effective way to not only improve the overall light quality inside the water, but also save on your electricity bills as well. Plus, LED lights last much, much longer, so the maintenance aspect also receives an instant boost.

Add Some Furniture

furniture around a swimming pool


What good is your pool if you can’t relax around it in style? Incorporating some additional furniture around the pool area is a great way to create a more welcoming environment while also providing more opportunities for lounging and hanging out.

Try to mix it up a bit. For instance, consider adding a bench on one end, and complement that with a few lounge chairs and side tables, along with some adjustable chairs that can recline all the way back for those times you want to lie out and get some extra sun or dry off. Hammocks and stools are also solid choices for mixing things up.

Implement More Landscaping

large decorative pots surrounding an in-ground swimming pool

Landscaping is a key aspect to improving the overall look of your pool and yard — and there are seemingly endless possibilities for what you can do.

Adding multiple heights, more dimension, and tasteful lighting is what takes a dull pool to the next level. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work either! For instance, adding some low maintenance shrubs or grasses to highlight the pool can be done in just a few hours. The same is true with incorporating some patio stones and walkways, gravel to fill in open spaces, and more. Get creative!

Install New Water Features

water features in a swimming pool

One of the best ways to enhance your pool is to add onto the pool itself with some new water features like waterfalls and fountains. Installing even one new water feature can give new life to your pool, add more refinement, and improve the overall aesthetic of your landscaping and yard as well. 


If you don’t want to take on this task yourself, our remodeling department definitely has you covered. Many added water features are easier on the budget than you may think, so get in touch with us to see what we can do for your pool!

Upgrade Your Pool's Equipment

new swimming pool equipment

Looking for some easier ways to keep your water clean, clear, and sparkling? Upgrading your pool’s cleaning and circulation equipment is the best route to go. For example, consider adding sanitizing ozone equipment for cleaner water, getting a new pump system, and so on. Not only does newer equipment work better and save money on your bills, many of them can even be operated right from your phone by using an app, regardless of where you are!

Add a Water Heater

snow surrounding an in-ground pool

It’s safe to say that most people prefer a pool that isn’t on the cold side. While this is typically easy to achieve during the summer months, spring and fall seasons in our region typically lead to cold water, making the pool unusable. 


If you want an easy way to give your pool extended periods of use outside the summertime, consider adding a heater. Not only will this give you more time in the pool, it also gives you a lot more control over the temperature, which is perfect for those night swims, unseasonably cool days, and so on.

Add More Surrounding Features

furniture around a swimming pool


Looking to really take your pool and yard to the next level? Adding some bigger features such as a new pergola, an outdoor kitchen, fire pits, and fire bowls can not only create a massive improvement in visuals, but you’ll also boost the functionality of your pool area and end up with a prime entertainment spot for friends and guests. 


Havenscapes, our sister company, is a regional expert in installing an array of outdoor features that complement your pool, so be sure to head over to their site to see more examples of what they can do for your property.


Spring will be here before you know it, so now is the time to start thinking about how to make your pool even better for 2020! Whatever your pool’s needs are, the Blue Haven team can help. Our renowned team has provided countless customers with the pool of their dreams, regardless of their budget or unique property characteristics.

We also carry a wide range of essential pool supplies, and can handle a number of different service and repair needs as well. You’re always welcome to send us a message, give us a call at 405-844-7500, or drop by and see us at our Blue Haven location in Edmond.