Guide to Pool Decking

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 06/08/2021

types of pool decking

When you’re daydreaming about a new inground pool, do you give much thought to the decking? You may not be thinking about it at all, but you should! There are several pool decking options from which to choose, and they have a major impact on the look and function of your pool. What’s the best deck material for pool areas? It depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and location.  

Types of Pool Decking 

One thing is certain, no matter what type you choosepool deck finishes have to be suitable for people to walk on when wet. A glazed tile, for instance, is not the best deck material for pool areas, because it gets too slick. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of pool decking. 

concrete pool decking

Poured Concrete 

This is the most common material for pool decking for a few good reasons. People like it because it’s inexpensive, durable, and water-resistant, and when it’s finished with a brushed surface, it’s not too slippery for wet, bare feet. A concrete pool deck can be formed in just about any shape, even curves or geometric patterns. You can also choose stamped concrete, which can resemble stone, brick, or tile. In cold climates, though, concrete can crack because of because of freezing and thawing 

paver pool decking


Pool deck pavers can be a very attractive option. These are bricks made of concrete or stone that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be arranged in a variety of unique, interlocking patterns built on a base of stone or sand. While poured concrete can sometimes crack, this is unlikely with concrete pavers. This is because pavers are cured before being placed, so they’re not prone to cracking or sustaining damage. If they become damaged, they’re easy to repair. A cracked paver can be removed and replaced, making pavers one of the easiest pool decking options to maintain.  

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