How to Clear Up Cloudy Water

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 05/20/2020

cloudy swimming pool water

A clear pool is indeed a happy and healthy pool — nobody wants to swim in murky water. Not only is cloudy pool water a bad aesthetic, it’s also unhealthy to swim in and damaging to your pool’s surface and equipment.

A lot of factors are at play in making your water cloudy, including sunscreen, sweat, beauty products, dirt, debris, algae, insets, and so on. Ninety percent of the time, cloudy water is due to high pH or poor filtration.

The longer you allow cloudy water to persist, the harder it’s going to be to clear up, so it’s important to act quickly when you notice the problem starting to build. Whether your water is currently a bit murky, or you just want to know the steps to take if it happens in the future, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out how to get your cloudy water back to being clean and clear!

Deep Clean the Pool

First thing’s first: You need to clean the pool. Cloudy water means you likely have plenty of dirt and debris stuck to the walls and floor of the pool, so you’ll need to be rid of all that before doing anything else.

Start by giving your pool a nice scrub down with a pool brush, and then remove any large debris in the water with a skimmer. Once you’re done with that, vacuum up what’s left (dirt only — never vacuum leaves or it could clog up the skimmer).

pool supplies to clean cloudy swimming pool water

Shock the Water

As you probably guessed, a good shocking of the pool water will be your next order of business. Using a big dose of chlorine (or non-chlorine shock for pools using other sanitizers) will get rid of the cloudiness caused by bacteria, organic contaminants, and algae.

(If a big algae problem is the primary source of your pool’s cloudiness, click here to learn about what you can do.)

Please note that calcium-based shock can temporarily cloud your water for up to three days. You should avoid using these types of shock, especially if you already have high calcium content in the water.

Put Your Pool’s Filter to Work

Now that you’ve removed debris and shocked the water, it’s time to filter all the remaining bad stuff out. Circulate your filter on high speed 24/7 until the water is clear, then bump up the number of hours per day that your filter runs at high speed to keep it clear — typically around eight hours.

Prior to doing this, it’s highly important to make sure your filter cartridge is clean and up for the task. If your pool filters are old or dirty, they can’t trap fine particles that cause cloudy water. Always clean your filters with a good quality cartridge cleaner.

Blue Haven carries Jack’s Magic Cartridge cleaner, a spray-on cleaner that dissolves buildup you can’t see, such as sunscreen oils and hair products. We also carry the Filter Flosser, a specialized nozzle that attaches to your garden hose and shoots water deep down into the filter pleats, making the filter cartridge cleaning process much easier. Need an entirely new replacement filter cartridge? We carry those too!

hand holding pool water cleaning kit

Maintain Proper pH

Keeping your pool water’s pH at the ideal level is essential for keeping your water clear. You must remain vigilant about water testing on a regular basis while keeping the pH between 7.2 and 7.6. This not only ensures the water is healthy and non-irritant, it also goes a long way in preventing cloudiness in the first place.

Oh, one more thing: Aeration in your pool water actually raises pH, so only run your water features or water falls when you are present to enjoy them, rather than all day long.

beautiful clear blue water in in-ground swimming pool

That’s it! Weekly water testing and pH balancing, regular skimming and vacuuming, basic filter maintenance, and regular shocking will keep your pool water healthy and clear all season long.

We at Blue Haven stress the importance of keeping your pool clean. Our team can always provide you with the products needed to ensure your pool is always sparkling clean and in peak condition, whether your pool’s season has just started, or you’re well into the summer and beyond.

In addition to essential pool cleaning supplies, we also offer general pool services and maintenance, so send us a message, give us a call at 405-844-7500, or drop by and see us at our Blue Haven location in Edmond!