Special Features to Include When Designing Your Pool

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 09/16/2020

swimming pool featuring swimming pool lights

Swimming pools are a great place to spend time during the hot summer months, but there are always ways to enhance your pool for more enjoyment or relaxation throughout the entire year. Whether it’s the babbling sound coming from a fountain or the illumination of the pool at night, these features to your pool can provide the perfect escape from your everyday life.

Here are several ways to bring beauty and relaxation to your pool.

Swim-Up Bars

Nothing beats relaxing in your pool with your favorite drink in hand. A swim-up bar helps you do just that. With the addition of underwater bar stools and a ledge on the side of your pool, you’ll have no reason to ever leave. Although a swim-up bar is a great feature, it takes up space. Swim-up bars work great in shallow ends of your pool where you can stay slightly submerged while still enjoying your drink and snacks.


swimming pool featuring waterfalls

Waterfalls are one of the most iconic pieces for a swimming pool. These versatile features can be placed in a corner or be the centerpiece of your pool. Waterfalls can help enhance the appearance and style of your swimming pool. Not only are they stunning to look at, but the sound minimizes noise pollution, making your backyard oasis more relaxing.


Much like waterfalls, grotto is a classic and timeless swimming pool feature. Grotto comes in many styles to match your unique taste and vibe. Man-made or natural, this feature can be used as the centerpiece of your pool or the divider that breaks up your pool from the spa or other features you may have. This must-have feature transforms your pool from an ordinary backyard pool to the perfect tropical escape you’ve always had in mind.


Bubblers, or gushers, as people also call them, are found in very shallow ends of pools such as tanning ledges. Bubblers are fun to add because their shooting jets of water are an added surprise to swimmers. The bubbling sound can also be relaxing to hear and drown out outside noises. Add underwater lighting to them to let them stand out during the night.

Deck Jets

Much like bubblers, deck jets provide an arc of water starting from the deck of your pool. Also known as laminars, these narrow streams of water can provide something to look at and enjoy listening to when relaxing by the pool. Couple these with LED lights and enjoy the sight of them as they peacefully shoot water back into the pool or other areas of landscaping.


swimming pool featuring wall sconces

These water features are attached to pool walls, providing a narrow stream of water to arc into the pool. Sconces can be simple openings from the pool wall or decorative fixtures like abstract shapes, animals, and other figures. These features add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your pool and bring your pool’s look to the next level. Plus, the added sound of water hitting the pool adds a calm ambiance.

Tanning Ledges

The pinnacle of relaxation, a tanning ledge provides the perfect spot to sit in the sun while still staying cool with the water around you. By creating a separate shallow area from your pool, you can truly lounge by the pool in your favorite outdoor chair. With a drink and book in hand, you’ll spend hours relaxing in this cozy spot. A tanning ledge can also serve as a pool for infants who need extra supervision before entering the shallow end of a pool.


When the day starts to feel like it’s ending, the fun doesn’t need to stop. A fire pit near your pool can provide more entertainment as you roast marshmallows or cozy up next to it for warmth. Firepit or fire bowl, these features can elevate your pool to the next level. Bring light to your pool for your next night swim by putting them on a lifted platform. Either as a decorative touch or functional use, this feature brings the element of fire to your backyard getaway.


Planters are a great way to give your pool a subtle burst of color. Flowers are the perfect way to break up pool features and add a decorative look to your pool. Planters can prevent debris from falling into the pool while also providing natural shade during the summer heat. Building and planting flower beds can also be the perfect DIY project for a weekend blending in the hobby of gardening as well.


lights illuminating swimming pool

Adding pool lighting in and around your pool can provide light for night swimming as well as highlight the other features around your pool. Coupling light around sconces, planters, deck jets, and other features can accent your pool and draw the eye to these pieces. Providing just the right tone of light can perfect the vibe and style you’ve always been after. Look at LED lighting as options to illuminate your pool as they are more energy-efficient and last longer than standard lights.

Beach Entries

Instead of using ladders or steps to enter your pool, provide a gentle slope into the pool just like you’re at the beach. Beach entries are versatile for all ages of people as they allow people easy access in and out of the pool. The easy slope into the pool also allows you to sunbathe and relax right on the pool entry. Although the easier entry into the pool is nice, the gradual slope takes up more space as the incline needs room to maintain the change in elevation.

Automatic Pool Covers

automatic pool cover

This feature is more of a maintenance feature but automatic pool covers can save you time and stress on your body. Pool covers also add a measure of safety as they protect pets and small children from falling in when it’s not in use. Covers also protect against potential debris from falling in when there’s a storm.

Adding features to your pool is the perfect way to upgrade your pool experience. Even subtle enhancements around the pool such as sconces, lights, and fountains can be all it takes to bring your pool to the next level. It’s always about the smaller details that can make your pool the jaw-dropping backyard oasis that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking to add more features to your pool this year or you’re looking to build one for the first time, contact us today to speak with one of our pool experts. With years of experience and dozens of pools constructed, we can give you the best advice to get the most enjoyment and relaxation out of your pool.

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