Swimming Pool Exercise Equipment to Help You Get in Shape

Posted by BigWing | LOCALiQ on 02/15/2022


Swimming is great exercise, as you probably already know. Going for a swim provides a low-impact workout, because the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off of your joints. Even though it’s gentle on your joints, though, swimming provides works every muscle group in your body. Working out in the water is something that just about anyone can do as long as they have access to a pool, but what if you get tired of swimming laps? There’s a wealth of opportunity for interesting, enjoyable, effective exercise in a pool, with just a few key pieces of pool exercise equipment.

  • It might surprise you to learn that fins are a great type of pool workout equipment. When you think of swim fins, you probably think of a tool to help you gain speed in the water. However, when you think about it, you’ll realize that swim fins are cumbersome and push against the water with every stroke, providing an excellent workout for your legs. Resistance fins take it to the next level, providing significant resistance for maximum intensity.
  • Weight training in the pool is different than on land. It might surprise you, when you pick up a pair of water dumbbells, to find that they’re extremely light. Basically a flotation device with a handle, they’re made to be extremely buoyant, so instead of lifting weights, you’re using your strength to keep them submerged. There are plenty of exercises you can do with water weights, including jumping jacks, shoulder raises, triceps push downs, and bicep curls. Using water weights allows you to work different muscles than you’d work in your regular, landlocked workout routine.
  • You can also choose to wear your resistance. There are many different tools designed to be work in the pool to add intensity to your workout.
    • Water jogging belt: Running in the water can give you a great cardiovascular workout, and a jogging belt can help you get the best results. By keeping you upright in the water, they help you get the benefits of an aerobic workout without the stress many workouts can put on your joints.
    • Swim training gloves: No matter what type of pool water you’re doing, webbed gloves can add resistance to make it more effective.
    • Paddles: Depending on the type of paddle, you either wear them on or hold them in your hands. Much like swim gloves, they push against the water as you exercise, providing resistance that really works your shoulder muscles.
    • Resistance socks: The primary purpose of swim socks is to make swimming harder. As you’d expect, they’re worn on your feet, to give you additional drag. Wearing swim socks, you’ll have to put forward more effort just to stay at your usual pace.
    • Wrist or ankle weights: These small, wearable weights can weight you down a bit during a swim, or they can be used to slightly up the intensity of your stretches and exercises.
    • Drag suit: Competitive swimmers wear swimsuits designed to cut through the water with little to no drag, but if you want to get more from your workout, wear a suit that weighs you down. You can buy an official drag suit, or you can just layer an additional bathing suit over your regular suit. Want more drag? Buy a swimsuit one size up and add yet another layer.
  • Some things you might not think of as pool items can be among the best pool exercise equipment. Resistance bands may be something you’re already using in your regular workout routine, but they can work just as well in the pool. Standing on the band and stretching your arms to the sides is a low impact way to really tone your muscles.  A parachute isn’t something you’d normally think of in association with a swimming pool, but swimming parachutes can be great for increasing your resistance.
  • A simple pool noodle can be a powerful exercise tool. They’re fun toys for kids, but they’re very useful in the hands of adults. Search for “pool noodle workout” and you’ll be rewarded with oodles of noodle results. As a bonus, pool noodles are easy to find and inexpensive. 
  • A pull buoy or kickboard help you target specific muscle groups. Most of the tools we’ve offered here in terms of pool exercise equipment focus on resistance, but kickboards and pull buoys allow you to take a different approach. To use a kickboard, you’ll hold onto it with your hands as you swim. This not only keeps you afloat, but also keeps your hands occupied so your legs do all the work. In this way, you can isolate your legs and tone them. Hold it to your chest if you’re just beginning to exercise, but if you want to incorporate your core muscles into the workout, try holding it at arm’s length. If exercising your arms is the goal, a pull buoy may be for you. Just as a kickboard causes you to use your legs to move through the water, a pull buoy, placed between your legs, puts your arms through a workout. Further, because you’re gripping it with your thighs, they’ll get a workout as well. 

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