The Best Seasons to Start Building a Pool in Oklahoma

Posted by Denise on 02/12/2018


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Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a swimming pool, the next question to ask yourself is “when should I install it?” When it comes to pool installation, timing is everything, especially if you want it to be ready for spring and summer.

If you want your pool to be ready and safe to swim in by the summertime, consider that the demand for pool purchases is higher during this time of year. Starting the process early is smart to ensure you have the proper timeline.

We have created a season by season guide for building a pool in Oklahoma, featuring the pros and cons of each season. This way, you can find the best time to start that fits your needs.

Spring: March - May

Once the weather starts to warm up, more people start thinking about owning a pool. While it is possible to start construction on a new pool in the spring and have it ready by summer, it might not be finished until late summer at the earliest, if everything goes smoothly.

Pool construction takes times, and roadblocks like Oklahoma’s stormy spring weather can delay progress.  Because pools are in such high demand during this time of year, the process may be slower due to overflow, and prices may be increased. It is possible to have your pool ready by the summer if you purchase during this time, but be aware of the roadblocks.

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Summer: June - August

Unless you are planning to begin using your pool the next calendar year, summer is not the ideal time to begin pool construction. Pool contractors are busy this time of year, and the beginnings of construction can limit the usage of your outdoor space during the summer.

However, late summer (August) is a great time to start contacting potential pool builders. This way, they can spend the fall and the winter building, and your pool can be ready before the end of spring.

Fall: September - November

The fall months are a great time to start building your pool if you want it to be ready to use in the warmer months. Beginning to build in the fall gives your builders plenty of time to complete the project, and their contractors are finally starting to slow down from the summer months.

Winter: December - February

Lastly, the winter months are another great time to begin building a pool. This gives plenty of time to get the pool built and landscaped on your property, and contractors are less busy in the winter months. The main roadblock to be aware of is that severe winter weather can hold up production.

Overall, the fall and winter months are the best times of year to start building your pool in Oklahoma. This will give you time for construction and ensure that your pool is completed and ready for you to swim in during the warmer months.

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