Tips for Preparing Your Pool to Open in the Spring

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 03/19/2020

clean pool ready for spring

Spring is almost here! If you’re a pool owner, you’re probably eager to get it ready to welcome in the season and set for the hotter months ahead.

As you’re probably already aware, getting your pool officially “open” does take a bit of work, but the payoff is always well worth it. Below, we’ll go over some crucial tips and steps you should take to ensure your pool and its water are in peak swimming condition, while avoiding some of the pitfalls that would otherwise cause problems down the road.

Take the Cover Off

clean pool with cover pulled back

If you’ve kept your pool covered during the off season, the first thing you’re going to need to do is simply take it off so you can access the water itself. Before rolling up the cover and storing it, you should make sure there’s no leaves or debris on the surface, and also allow it to completely dry. This will keep the cover clean, and also prevent mold from appearing on the cover or inside the storage bag.

Clean Out Your Water

pool net catching debris in swimming pool

Now that you have access to the water in your pool, it’s time to clean it out. Even if you’ve used a cover during the winter, there’s still likely to be debris and leaves in the water. If so, make sure you scoop out any foreign objects in the water and dispose of them. 

Again, the key word here is to scoop. NEVER vacuum up leaves in your pool, as this will likely clog your skimmer line — a potentially irreversible (and expensive) situation.

Brush Your Walls

Don’t forget about the walls! Even after getting your water cleared out, there will still be unwanted stuff stuck to the walls, floors, and steps. Thoroughly brush your pool walls and floors as best you can, and then vacuum up any remaining dirt or algae. If you encounter any more leaves, remember to NOT vacuum them.

De-Winterize the Pool

If you’ve fully winterized your pool during the off season, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to restore it back to an operational state. This includes addressing any lines that may have been plugged, or pool equipment you may have drained prior to winter.

Balance the Water

testing swimming pool water to prepare for spring

After your pool is up and running, the next step should be to address the balance of the water, which includes the pH level, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.  After you’ve used the appropriate chemicals and balanced the pool water, be sure to give it a solid double dose of shock to fully kill off any bacteria or organisms that are still meandering around.

Let the Pool Do the Work

You’ve now done all you can on your end, so now it’s time to let the pool do the rest. After getting your equipment set back up, and properly cleaning and balancing the water, run your pool’s system 24/7, filtering constantly until clean, testing and adjusting water daily if necessary. During this time, you may also want to check your filters to see if you need to clean off any algae.

Have Your Pool Water Professionally Tested

swimming pool water being professionally tested before the pool opens in the spring

Even if you consider yourself a home pool expert, it’s always a good idea to let professionals test your water and ensure it’s where it needs to be in terms of pH, alkaline levels, calcium, and so on.

If your pool water is in need of testing, the team of experts at Blue Haven would love to handle it for you. In addition to essential pool services and maintenance, we also keep a wide stock of pool cleaning supplies on hand, so send us a message, give us a call at 405-844-7500, or drop by and see us at our Blue Haven location in Edmond! Our team can always provide you with the products needed to ensure that your pool is always sparkling clean and in peak condition.