Which Pool Shape is Best for Your Yard?

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 08/11/2021

free form pool by blue haven

If you’re installing an inground swimming pool, you’re embarking on an amazing adventure, creating a beautiful oasis to enjoy for years to come. There are many different decisions you’ll have to make along the way, from the location of the pool to the type of pool you’re installing to the way you’ll landscape around it. One important factor to consider is the shape of your pool. Pool shapes and sizes vary widely, so which one is best for your yard?  

Shapes and Sizes of Inground Pools 

Part of your decision will depend on the type of pool you’re installing. Most pools are either concrete, vinyl-lined, or fiberglass, with concrete being the most popular. Concrete pools take the longest to install, but they’re popular because they’re the strongest and most durable type of pool. Another advantage of concrete pools, though, is that they come in a wider variety of styles.  

Vinyl-lined pools are typically rectangular, though L-shaped and freeform liners are sometimes available. Fiberglass pools are factory molded so that they can be quickly installed, but they come in fewer shapes and sizes than concrete and vinyl. Concrete pools can be shaped to fit your yard and your personality, in a wide range of shapes that include:  

Free-Form Pools 

  • Free-Form Pools: If you know exactly what you want or want a one-of-a-kind pool, a freeform pool lets you customize your pool to fit your yard and your family. These pools are typically curvier than other pool shapes, with many different curves that create a unique look.  
  • Kidney-Shaped Pools: This is one of the most classic free-form swimming pool shapes. A pool this shape is round on both sides and curved inwards on one edge, like a kidney bean. Pools with added water features like waterfalls and grottos look great with a kidney shape.  
  • Figure 8-Shaped Pools: These pools are rounded on both ends and tapered in the middle. They really allow swimmers to feel the flow of the water because it’s circulated more freely than in a rectangular pool.  

free form pool by blue haven

Classic Pools 

  • Rectangular Pools: This is a common and classic pool shape, often used by commercial properties like apartment buildings. It’s practical because it conserves space.  
  • L-Shaped Pools: These feature a long part and a shorter, narrower part. L-shaped pools are good for courtyards that have unique needs.  
  • Oval Pools: If you have a large yard, an oval pool might be perfect for you. They are common for old Victorian houses and go well with natural decorations like palm trees.  
  • Circular Pools: A circular pool, like an oval pool, is best for a large, open space. Indoor pools are often circular because they’re easy to enclose.  
  • Geometric Pools: These pools have sharp geometric edges and are made to fit the shape of the backyard. They resemble a tumble of geometric shapes throughout your yard.  
  • Greek Pools: Spacious and beautiful, Greek pools look somewhat like rectangular pools, but with the corners tilted at 45-degree angles or curved inwards. These pools are best for large yards and large families because they have room for many people at one time.  
  • Roman Pools: These pools have an impactful look, with large semi-circles coming off the ends of a large, rectangular pool. There are stairs in one of the semi circle ends, allowing swimmers to relax and sunbathe in the water.  

classic pool by blue haven

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Pool Shape 

So, how do you decide which of these inground pool shapes is right for your yard? First, talk to your pool builder. A professional pool installer can give you advice about the type of pool that’s going to work well in your yard. Try to keep an open mind while you’re deciding, because the pool you think you want in the beginning may not be the pool that works out for your backyard or budget. Ask yourself questions like these before making a decision: 

  • How much room do you have for a pool? What size pool will fit well in your backyard? Where will it be placed in the yard?  
  • How do you want to hardscape the area around the pool? How much ground will your patio area and decking cover?  
  • What are your landscaping plans? Will you preserve any existing landscaping? What do you plan to add?  
  • Does your vision for your outdoor living space contain any additional features? Have you considered things like a fire feature or an outdoor kitchen? If these will be incorporated down the road, how do you plan to position them in relation to the pool?   
  • Who will be using your pool? How many people at a time? Will there be children swimming regularly? Do you have any family members with mobility issues?  
  • How will you use the pool? Will you be lap-swimming? Playing water sports? Diving? Do you plan to host regular pool parties?  
  • How deep should the pool be? If you want to have a deep end, should it be positioned at one end, or in the center, with shallow areas on either end?  
  • When you imagine your pool, how does that look? What overall style do you like? Do you need it to complement the style of your home? Do you want your backyard to have a certain overall vibe once the pool is installed?  
  • What special features do you want for your pool? Have you thought about options like fountains, waterfalls, grottos, or sun shelves? Do you want a slide or diving board?  
  • Will you be using a pool cover? If so, will it be automated?  
  • What’s your budget for your pool and everything that goes along with it? Some shapes are more economical than others because the perimeter of the pool requires more materials and labor. Pools that have a lot of perimeter area, then, cost more even if they don’t have more usable space.  
  • Will you be selling your home in the near future? If so, consider the typical pools in your neighborhood. Will yours fit in or will it be drastically different?  
  • Are there any regulations or codes you need to consider when installing your pool? Community association regulations and local building codes may hamper your creativity when designing your pool.   

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