Why Diving Boards Are Out of Fashion

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 07/28/2021

child diving off of a diving board

What happened to diving boards? Back in the 80s, every backyard swimming pool you visited was likely to have a diving board. Today’s pools rarely have them. What changed? Are diving boards illegal now? If so, why are diving boards illegal? In fact, there are several factors that have led to diving boards falling out of favor with homeowners.  

Diving boards Can Create a Problem with Pool Safety  

Are diving boards safe? Technically, yes. However, diving boards can also lead to accidents, especially when little daredevils want to do death defying tricks! Who wants all the stress of trying to keep kids safe when there’s such a tempting safety hazard present? Most homeowners would rather go without a diving board.  

Diving Boards Require a Substantial Pool 

To safely install a diving board, you must have a pool that’s at least 38 to 39 feet long. Diving pools must have a deep end for diving, but there’s also the slope at the bottom to consider. That slope must be a safe enough distance from the diving board to prevent divers from hitting their heads on the pool floor. Building a pool that large requires a lot of back yard space, and in many subdivisions, back yards really aren’t big enough to handle that size of pool.  

Diving Boards Take UValuable Pool Real Estate  

When you add a diving board, you significantly decrease your pools play area. That’s because the play area in a pool is the shallow end, where people can stand with their heads above water. When you install a diving board, you have to leave ample room for diving, which dramatically decreases your shallow end’s area. Pools without diving boards, then, have much more functional space.  

Diving Boards Result in Higher Insurance Costs 

Aside from installing it, a diving board cost you should figure in is the amount your homeowner’s insurance will increase. In fact, some insurers will cancel your policy if you put in a diving board. An inground pool without a diving board, however, doesn’t raise your rates.  

Diving Boards Aren’t as Fun as They Used to Be  

It’s not just your imagination, they really are not. Diving boards used to be very springy, and you could really get a lot of lift out of your bounce before diving into the pool. Then in an effort to make pools safer, swimming pool diving board regulations changed. Now the boards are rigid and stiff, with very little bounce. It might make them safer, and it certainly protects manufacturers against lawsuits, but it has also sucked most of the fun out of them. Often, pool owners install diving boards and then regret it, because they’re not as entertaining as they remember.  

Other Pool Features to Consider Adding

Let’s face it: not installing a diving board won’t take away from your enjoyment of your pool. If you think your pool will look naked without a diving board, consider a cool feature like a rock waterfall or pool fountain on one end! One trend that’s really taken off lately is the sun shelf, a shallow ledge along the pool where you can place loungers for people to relax and experience the water and sun at the same time. Building a pool with a sun shelf is likely to bring much more enjoyment to your pool than a diving board could.  

Really, you can have a much more aesthetically pleasing pool without a diving board. Inground spas are available in a wide variety of styles, so that you can get the look you want and have a nice place to relax and unwind.  Water features can be beautiful and soothing or bold and dramatic, ranging from bubblers to waterfalls to jet streams that shoot into the air. If your pool is geared towards adults, you might want to have a built-in bar or firepit built right into the pool. If children will be your pool design’s primary focus, consider a pool slide, rope swing, or a poolside climbing wall. The possibilities are nearly endless, and all you have to do is think outside the box and work with an experienced pool designer to create the experience you want. Chances are, you won’t even miss having a diving board! 

No matter which pool features you’re thinking about installing, you can depend on Blue Haven Pools to help you design your dream pool. We’re Oklahoma’s premier provider of custom inground pool designs, and we even offer features like sun shelfs, rock waterfalls, pool fountains, beach entries, pool mosaics, and much more. We’ll install your decking and pool, and with over 30 years of experience, we’ve got resources and knowledge to provide a pool you’ll enjoy for years to come. Contact Blue Haven for more information or call 405-844-7500 today!