Why You Should Consider Adding a Sun Ledge to Your Pool

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 06/25/2021

sun ledge with white chairs and umbella

When you’re designing your dream pool, what will you add to make it perfect? You might be thinking about shape, depth, or accessories like a diving board or waterfall. You could be daydreaming about a gorgeous infinity pool, elegant and sleek. If you’re not thinking about a sun ledge, though, we urge you to give it some serious consideration.  

What Is a Sun Ledge? 

The sun ledge, also known as a tanning ledge or sun shelf, is showing up in pools all over the country. What is a sun shelf? It’s an idea whose time has come. An inground pool sun ledge is a shallow area on one side of the pool, typically measuring about five feet long and ten feet wide, in water that’s about 6 to 18 inches deep.  

Why include a sun shelf in your pool design? It helps make your pool into the perfect place to relax and have fun. Unlike the shallow end of the pool, which was primarily created with children in mind, the sun ledge is the perfect add on for all ages. Designed to allow people to hang out in the pool and work on their tans simultaneously, it’s become much more than that. There are all kinds of different sun shelf pool ideas for how it should be used.  

Why Add a Sun Ledge to Your Pool? 

It’s a great place to play with little children. 

Of course, it’s nice to play in the shallow end of the pool with your kiddos, but sometimes adults want to get some exercise or hang out in the deep end. The sun ledge makes this possible, allowing small children to safely play on the shallow shelf while parents swim nearby. You might also use the sun shelf as a place to sit with your little ones and play with water toys when they’re tired of actively swimming. If you’ve got older children who don’t need as much hands-on interaction, the sun shelf is a perfect place for Mom to hang out and relax while still keeping an eye on the kids.  

Adding sun shelf pool lounge chairs can make a relaxing oasis. 

Sun ledge chairs are designed with a considerable heft to them, so that they stay put on the sun ledge. However, they’re still light enough to move around when you choose. When you have in pool loungers for sun shelf use, there’s no more trying to get comfortable on a cheap, floppy, blow-up pool float. You’ll have the same sensation of relaxing in the water without feeling like you’re continually on the verge of falling in. In fact, you may discover that your sun ledge is your favorite place to spend your summer days!  

sun ledge with lounge chairs and umbrella

Chairs aren’t the only accessories that enhance a sun shelf.  

You can add different water features, like water jets or bubblers, light it up with LED lights, or put in tables that will allow you to sip a cool beverage while you relax in the warm sunshine. Do you prefer a little shade? Use an umbrella on your sun ledge to give you the perfect balance of shelter and light. The possibilities for customizing your sun ledge are nearly endless.  

Even dogs love hanging out on the sun ledge.  

Pool owners often like to include their furry family members in the fun, but wouldn’t it be nice for your pets to be able to hang out without having to doggy paddle the entire time? A sun ledge gives them a place to get comfortable in the water, while staying in their favorite place: close to their humans.  

It’s extremely comfortable on a sun shelf.  

With sun ledge chairs, it’s easy to soak up some vitamin D without getting completely drenched. It’s the best of all possible scenarios: you can splash water onto your skin or take a quick dip in the deep end to cool off, then go right back to laying out, with the water gently lapping around you. And as any sunbather knows, the best sunbathing is done in close enough proximity to the water to allow the sun’s rays to reflect all around you and give you a beautiful summer glow.  

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