Pool Construction, Planning & Designing in Oklahoma City

Initial Planning and Pool Design
Blue Haven Pool and Spa Combination

One of our expert designers will visit your home to determine your pool needs, ideas, what options appeal to you, and your budget. They will also measure your yard and note elevations and access. Then, they will create a pool conceptualization that includes: pool size, location, and shape, special features, and equipment and supplies location. Finalizing plans and discussing landscaping completes this first step.

Construction Plan and City Permits

Your designer will create a detailed construction plan that identifies utilities, elevations, and other factors unique to your property. We will submit these plans to the right local agencies on your behalf to get all permits.

Pool Layout

One of our construction experts will make an appointment to “lay out” the pool — paint the outline of the pool in your backyard. They will get your written approval on the location, shape, and elevation of your pool. Any changes will be made in writing, with your signature.


Structural support is the foundation of your pool. We reinforce the shell of your pool by using steel bars placed at intervals to maximize structural integrity. You will have a limited lifetime structural warranty.


We offer a limited lifetime structural warranty, so structural support is vital…the foundation of your pool. The entire pool is fortified with steel bars that are placed at intervals that maximize structural integrity.

Plumbing Installed for Easy Maintenance

We will dig trenches outside the walls of your pool for plumbing installation — this makes for easier maintenance. Our plumbing crew uses corrosive resistant PVC pipe and over-sized plumbing lines for improved circulation. The lines are then pressure-tested to guarantee proper operation.

Electric Now Installed

We will dig more trenches to run conduit/wire — following the construction plan guidelines. Our master electricians will make sure all the work done is in compliance with National Electrical Code.

Gunite Added to Pool Walls to Create the Pool’s Shel

We will create the shell of your pool by shooting Gunite (a high-strength concrete mix) into the steel form. Our crew will then hand-sculpt all steps, tanning ledges, etc., to match precise measurements.

Tile and Coping added to Pool

Our expert masons will install your chosen brick or stone around the top edge of your pool. We will also do any special stone or rock work, such as waterfalls, retaining

walls or hardscaping. Your water-line tile is then installed. Our masons and tile-setters are dedicated craftsmen who will make sure each detail meets specifications.

Pool Decking added

We typically form your decks in one day, but installation may take several days. Completion time depends on deck size, materials, and finishes you chose with your designer. Our experienced deck building crew will take the time needed to make sure you have a durable, attractive deck to surround your pool.


We will remove any construction debris and do a general cleanup. Our crew will then do a “rough grading” of the area around the pool — shaping areas for landscaping, drainage, etc.

Interior Finish and Plaster Added

We will blow plaster onto the dried concrete to give your pool surface a smooth finish. One of our representatives will meet with you before we schedule this to do a project walk-through and discuss your questions. They will instruct you on properly filling your pool with water after we apply the interior finish. A “Pool School” appointment will also be scheduled.

Start Up and Pool Maintenance Walk Through

One of our technicians will visit you after the pool is full of water and before Pool School begins. They will turn on any equipment to make sure everything is working properly. During Pool School, they will show you how to use your equipment and maintain your pool — including proper water chemistry. Feel free to film this with your smartphone for future reference. They will give you a manual with further instructions and your warranties. Our Service Department is always open to questions.

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