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Smart Features for Inground Pools in Oklahoma City

Imagine a pool that’s healthier, cleaner, and more attractive—all with less upkeep, cost, and chemical use! Blue Haven’s exclusive SmartFeatures™ enhance beauty, safety & comfort, optimize water & energy savings, and ensure maximum enjoyment with little effort. Time & money-saving options include:

Energy-Efficient SmartTherm Pool Heaters in OKC

Gas Pool Heaters
Natural gas pool heaters will warm up your pool water the quickest. They work by warming up water through heated copper coils. This allows them to be independent of current weather like other heaters. They are more expensive and more costly to run if you plan on using it often.

Electrical Pool Heaters
Electric pool heaters are the most dependable and cost-efficient. They work by drawing in the ambient heat from the air and transferring that into the cooler water it draws from your pool. But, this also makes their heat pumps only effective at air temperatures of at least 50° Fahrenheit.

How Long Does a Pool Take to Heat?
Many factors will affect heating time. These include: heater type, pool gallon amount, and water temperature, among others. You can speed up this process by using a pool cover — when the pool is not in use — to limit evaporation and heat loss. We can help you determine how fast it should heat for your pool setup.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Pool Heater Per Month?
Solar pool heaters have zero cost to run per month. For gas or electric pool heaters, factors such as utility costs and how much you plan on using the heater determine cost. To get the most efficiency out of any pool heating system, quality installation and regular maintenance is key. We can help you figure the monthly cost you can expect from your system.

How Long Does a Pool Heater Last?
Many pool heaters can run for 10 years or more. You can extend the life of your heater by following our recommended maintenance and water chemistry guidelines.

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