Smart Features for Inground Pools in Oklahoma City


Imagine a pool that's healthier, cleaner, and more attractive—all with less upkeep, cost, and chemical use! Blue Haven's exclusive SmartFeatures™ enhance beauty, safety & comfort, optimize water & energy savings, and ensure maximum enjoyment with little effort. Time & money-saving options include:

Inground Pool Motor Unit in Oklahoma City


Microprocessor runs pool cleaning and filtration — saving time and slashing utility costs.

inground Pool Pumps in Oklahoma City

SmartMax™ StarPump

The pool industry's most efficient residential pool pump is also the quietest and turns over more water with less electricity.

Pool Cleaning in OKC Using SmartSeries

SmartSeries™ In-Floor System

Depending on your pool site and local conditions, an in-floor pool-cleaning system may be an effective way to automate cleaning. Pop-up nozzles create "cleaning zones" with jets of water.

SmartTherm Pool Heaters in OKC

SmartTherm™ Heating Systems

Full array of efficient gas heaters and electric heat pumps to economically extend your swimming season.

Pool Rove Cleaning Technology in OKC

SmartFlow™ JetSystem™

A revolutionary system maximizes cleaning & circulation, attacks dirt along pool and spa interior surfaces, prevents “dead zones”, and provides warmer, fresher water in less time, with less cost and fewer chemicals.

Pool Cleaners in Oklahoma City


Efficient, automated unit quietly and rapidly cleans most pools in only 3 - 4 hours.

Depending on your pool's design, your backyard, and your local building and climate conditions, Blue Haven will suggest the appropriate mix of SmartFeatures™ for optimal benefits. Some SmartFeatures™ are available in several models, each with different capabilities and benefits; for more details, consult your designer and the product literature he or she provides to you.

SmartLight LED Inground Pool Lighting Technology in OKC

SmartLight® Series

Safe, energy-efficient, LED lights brilliantly illuminate pool, spa, waterfalls, and landscaping in an array of dazzling jewel-tone colors that change with the push of a button.

Inground Pool Filter in Oklahoma City

SmartFilter™ with Microban®

Ultra-efficient and low-maintenance, this filter conserves water, and boasts antimicrobial product protection to inhibit mold, mildew & bacteria so the filter stays fresher, longer. 

SmartBrite Color Quartz Finish for Inground Pools in OKC

SmartBrite® Color Quartz Finish

Distinctive quartz aggregate finish provides a strong, slip-resistant interior with lasting, stain-resistant color.

Smartcontrols™ Remote For Swimming Pool Water Features In OKC


Whether you're in the house, around the pool or even in the water, you can use our wireless remote to activate heat, spa jets, lighting, water features and much more!


Smart Pure

SmartPure® Series

Advanced, comprehensive purification systems ensure pristine, swim-ready water–without the typical chlorine routine and accompanying costs, hassles, and hazards like red eyes, dry skin & nails, bleached hair, stiff faded swimsuits, and that awful chemical odor.