Could Your New Pool Use a Built-In Bar?

Posted by Blue Haven Pools on 10/30/2020

Swim-up bars are the perfect feature for any pool, but they require some extra detailing to deliver their luxury feel. These additions were first introduced at hotels and resorts and are now being installed in residential pools. A great addition to blend your pool to your outdoor kitchen or bar, swim-up bars give you a reason to never leave the pool.

Not only are they great additions to your pool, but they’re also great for saving space. By combining your bar or kitchen to your pool, you provide yourself with more deck space. Here we break down several factors to keep in mind when designing your next hangout spot by the pool.

Materials used to build swim-up bars

Swim-up bars are normally built with concrete and steel for durability and longevity. Bars can be decorated however you like, but many pool owners prefer to keep the pool’s theme consistent.

Some owners may look to add contrast when styling their swim-up bar as a way to stand out from the rest of the pool. There are several options to consider when designing your bar, including:

  • Concrete is a viable option due to its vast custom options and versatile shaping.
  • Granite is also another option to consider. It’s a strong durable stone with an elegant finish and requires minimal upkeep.
  • Tile is a very common finish for pool work. Ceramic tile can be used as a finish around the bar as well as granite tiling.
  • Stone is a large natural or man-made stone used around cave or waterfall features. Use this material to give your bar a more cave-like look.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to decorate your swim-up bar, — it’s your pool! Have fun with it and show off your style while you entertain.


To get the most enjoyment out of your swim-up bar, there are a few recommendations to keep in mind during the planning phase. Normally, the bar is placed in the shallow end of your pool, allowing people to stand or sit at the counter. A water level between 30 to 40 inches is favorable around the bar. Bar seats must be comfortable for guests and allow them to stay partially submerged. To keep your bar seating comfortable, allow 6 inches of space between the pool coping and bar counter to allow plenty of legroom underneath.

Providing Shade

Provide your company with shade as they enjoy their favorite drink by the bar. A pergola or pavilion is the perfect way to escape the sun’s direct heat. A retractable umbrella is also a great alternative to beating the sun’s glare. Along with pool building, we can also provide your space with beautiful landscaping and custom-built pavilions.

Outdoor Kitchen

Double your swim-up bar with an outdoor kitchen. Adding a kitchen can expand your entertaining options and save you space. Add a TV and a grill to your bar to never miss a moment of the big game while you hang out in the pool. Our expert staff aren’t just pool builders, but can also build you that outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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Bring the resort feel to your backyard with a swim-up bar. The luxury look and design can be the focal point of your pool and allow you to relax in style while also serving as a great spot to entertain and as well as save on space if you plan to expand it to a full outdoor kitchen. Allow our designers to build you the swim-up bar of your dreams as this fun spot will give you a reason to never leave your pool all summer long.

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