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SmartSeries In-Floor Pool in Oklahoma City

SmartSeries In-Floor Pool Cleaning

“Zone” Cleaning Power
Keeping your pool clean and spotless is a challenge. Blue Haven has a system to help just that. Depending on your pool’s size and condition an in-floor pool-cleaning system can be an effective way to automate your cleaning.

A system of built-in nozzles creates “cleaning zones.” During programmed cycles, the recessed nozzles rise up out of the pool floor and go to work: Each fires a jet of water that forces away dirt and debris in its path—directing it to the main drain and skimmer where it is removed.

Attack dirt and debris in hard-to-reach areas, including steps, floors, corners, benches, and tanning ledges with this ultimate pool cleaning solution. Motion from the water jets also enhances circulation which results in better heating, circulation, and dispersion of chemicals throughout the pool.

For more information about our SmartSeries features, and our SmartSeries ™ In-Floor Systems, contact us today.

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Smart Features for Inground Pools in Oklahoma City

Blue Haven’s exclusive SmartFeatures™ enhance the cleaning of your swimming pool water. Leaves, dirt, and debris are pushed to a basket that is easy to clean. When used in conjunction with our custom swimming pool sanitizing SmartPure™ Ozonator it delivers a one-two punch for a safe, bacteria free and clean pool. Trust the best swimming pool builder in OKC.

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