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SmartVac® Pool Cleaners in Oklahoma City

SmartVac Inground Pool Cleaners

Our SmartVac® Pool Cleaners line of efficient, automated cleaners remove sand, grit, dirt, soil, leaves, and debris from your pool–so you don’t have to. Setting the standard for performance & longevity, they quietly clean most pools in only 3 to 4 hours with the very latest technology.

The pool-friendly designs assure gentle movement across the interior surface and quick extraction from corners so they spend more time cleaning, vs. stuck in one spot. Our automated vacuum system is operated by a timer, keeping the pool clean and ready for use by your family at all times,

At Blue Haven Pools of OKC, a clean pool is priority. With many different pool vacuums to choose from, you can get anywhere from a basic clean to a high performance cleaner so you can spend more time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning it.

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Smart Features for Inground Pools in Oklahoma City

We are Oklahoma’s top pool builder, specializing in custom pools since 1954. Using specialized smart features sets us apart from other pool contractors. We build award winning pool designs, and finish each inground pool with state of the art technology and SmartFeatures.™

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Getting a quote couldn’t be easier. Let’s work together to make your backyard your own personal oasis. Your information remains private and will only be given to one of our professional pool designers to contact you. Our pool designers provide you with high quality information… not high pressure.

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