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Eco-Friendly SmartFilter™ Inground Pool Filter in Oklahoma City

The productive, super-sized SmartFilter™ with Microban® helps keep your pool water clean while helping protect the environment, your pocketbook, and your busy schedule. This national exclusive also resists attacks from mold, mildew, and bacteria.

This high-capacity unit provides many months of service before it needs cleaning. It even eliminates the need for backwashing–sparing you and Mother Nature the enormous cost of replacing hundreds of gallons of chemically treated water every year. The 10-20 micron filtering cartridges can simply be replaced when necessary, instead of buying messy, costly powders to replenish the filter. There won’t be any buckets of wet sand or hazardous DE (diatomaceous earth) to haul off for disposal which is commonplace other types of filtration. It’s hassle free!

The most advanced filter system ever is also ready to battle the growth of odor & stain-causing microbes: Armed with the latest antimicrobial technology, SmartFilter™ has the powerful Microban element embedded throughout its cartridge fibers to deliver unrelenting protection from enemy microbes, so your filter stays fresher for longer periods.

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Smart Features for Inground Pools

Imagine a pool that’s healthier, pool cleaner, and more attractive—all with less upkeep, cost, and chemical use! Blue Haven Pools is Oklahoma City’s number one pool contractor, using only the best equipment for beautiful, low maintenance swimming pools.

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