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Smart Saver Features Pools in Oklahoma City

SmartSaver™ Features for Energy Saving Pump Operation

A must for any pool owner, the SmartSaver™ Features which are integrated into Smart Controls can lower your utility bills as much as 75%! In conjunction with a variable speed pool pump, this microprocessor-controlled unit manages the operation of your cleaning and filtration systems—saving you both time and power consumption. Even better, SmartSaver™ Features will boost the lifespan of your pool pump. Program it to come on at hours when energy is less expensive, or to run at lower RPMs for added money in your wallet.

In cold-weather climates, an available freeze-guard feature helps assist in preventing costly damage to pool equipment.

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Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) is the measurement of a pump’s efficiency, representing its real-world performance. It combines energy usage, flow rate, and other factors into one easy-to-understand rating. Simply put: the higher the WEF, the greater the efficiency. And for that reason, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has adopted the WEF rating system for its regulatory standards.

SmartSaver™ Features delivers the highest WEF and the #1 Rated Pump in Energy Efficiency

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SmartFeatures™ for Inground Pools in Oklahoma City

Blue Haven Pools of OKC designs pool using our exclusive SmartFeatures™ to provide you with cleaner water—all with less upkeep, cost, and chemical use! Using SmartFeatures™ in inground gunite pools enhances beauty and optimizes energy savings, ensuring maximum enjoyment with little effort.

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