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Smart Features for Inground Pools in Oklahoma City

Imagine a pool that’s healthier, cleaner, and more attractive—all with less upkeep, cost, and chemical use! Blue Haven’s exclusive SmartFeatures™ enhance beauty, safety & comfort, optimize water & energy savings, and ensure maximum enjoyment with little effort. Time & money-saving options include:

Ozone Generators for Clean & Safe Pools in Oklahoma City

Looking for an alternative to the abundant use of chemicals associated with traditional chlorine pools? Ozone generators provide a safer and more effective way to clean your pool’s water, resulting in clearer, smoother, safer water — without the harsh effects of chlorine.

  • What does an ozone generator do to water?

    Blue Haven’s SmartPure® Ozone Generator harnesses the power of natural ozone in order to neutralize contaminants in your pool’s water. This process creates high amounts of oxidation that work to bind and remove any contaminants present in the water, including
    cryptosporidium, which is resistant to common pool chemicals.

  • Does ozone change the pH of water?

    Ozone is pH neutral, with zero impact on the water’s level. This means that when using an Ozone generator for water, your pool will require less pH adjustment and water treatment, saving you time and money on maintenance and chemicals!

  • Benefits of the Ozonator

    As a chlorine alternative, the SmartPure® Ozonator ensures a healthier pool environment that is much gentler on your body, along with water that is clear, silky, and smooth. The ozone system for pools drastically reduces the amount of chemicals needed in your water, which can result in:

    • 80% less chlorine
    • 90% fewer clarifiers
    • 90% less shock treatment
    • 95% less algaecide
  • Less Chemical For More Enjoyment

    By decreasing chemical usage, you’ll have a noticeable reduction of stinging red eyes, itchy skin, stiff, faded swimsuits, and those awful bleach-like fumes. Plus, your pool’s interior finish will last longer, as will manicures, hair perms, relaxers, color treatments, and results from skin bronzers and sunless tanning products. When paired with a UV pool sanitizer, you can experience even greater effects and further minimize the need for chemical usage.

    Suitable even for large, commercial pools, Blue Haven Pool’s powerful SmartPure® system makes ozone effective and affordable.

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