Your Guide to Pool Flooring

Posted by Denise on 03/20/2019

blue tiled pool flooring with plants in the top left corner and bottom right corner

Typically, pool flooring isn’t the first thing people consider when planning their pool, but the flooring type you decide on can have a big overall impact on everything from your pool aesthetics, to the amount of maintenance needed.

Sometimes referred to as a pool’s “finish,” the pool floor determines how the pool feels on your feet, affects its durability, determines the “color” of the water, and affects how your pool’s lights look at night.

We’ve highlighted the most popular pool floor options and showcased the visual and functional advantages each can provide.

Vinyl Liner

A popular option for pools with a concrete or vermiculite bottom, vinyl liner pool flooring consists of one large vinyl sheet that is laid over the entirety of the pool’s surface, spanning from the bottom and all the way up to the edges. The liner can have any number of designs or colors, but the most popular tends to be a light blue, with subtle patterns throughout.

These liners have a long lifespan, tend to be more inexpensive than other options, and since they’re non-porous, algae and mildew growth is minimal.


Another popular floor option, plaster pool flooring is also one of the oldest choices, and is made from a simple mixture of Portland cement and either marble dust or silica sand. Plaster flooring is often done in white, giving the pool a smooth, clean, and uniform appearance that usually works very well with pool lights at night.

Plaster is also versatile in terms of durability and care. Since it fully encases the pool’s bottom, there is no chance of any water leaks to the pool base. This flooring may not have the long lifespan as other types, but re-plastering your pool’s floor is fairly inexpensive, and can give it a brand new look that lasts for another five to seven years before needing to be redone again.

blue plaster pool flooring in a below-ground pool


Tile pool flooring is a much more intricate option that gives you a lot of control over the design and appearance of your pool floor. Tile flooring comes in numerous sizes and styles and provides pool owners with endless choices for creating unique patterns and accents.

Common pool tile materials include stone, porcelain, and ceramic. Although tile pool flooring is typically one of the most expensive to install, it’s also among the most durable, and can have an extremely long lifespan when cared for properly.


Aggregate pool flooring is a newer style of flooring that’s increasing in popularity. This type of flooring is made by mixing plaster with small pieces of stone, glass, or crystals, and is available in several different colors and designs. Some of the most popular aggregate materials include quartz, granite, river stones, and glass beads.

With aggregate flooring, you have numerous ways to create customized looks to match the aesthetic you’re going for. For instance, someone who is looking for a beach look in their pool can use pebble aggregate for their floor, which gives the pool floor the appearance of sand in the shallower areas.

Aggregate pool flooring is higher than other types in terms of cost and installation, but it does have a high level of durability that can last for decades with proper care.

Caring for your Pool Flooring

The primary way to ensure the optimal lifespan of your pool floor is to provide regular cleaning and maintenance. This can be done a number of ways, including routinely skimming the pool for dirt and debris, along with employing the use of an automatic or robotic pool cleaner that can brush and/or blast away dirt and debris that’s settled on the bottom.

Regular treatments to your water should also be done in order to maintain the right pH level and prevent algae and mildew from forming along the flooring and walls.

Finally, never bring items into the pool that could pose a risk to the floor, especially if you use a vinyl cover, as it can be torn if it comes in contact with sharp objects.

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