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Classic Pool Designs To Enhance Your Backyard

Blue Haven OKC offers a wide range of classic pool designs that can be tailored to your property’s size and layout. Our team can create a design that incorporates features and aesthetics that align with your unique preferences, leading to a final result that is both alluring and functional.

At Blue Haven, we pride ourselves on providing professional pool installations that focus on uncompromising quality, captivating design and superior craftsmanship from start to finish, while still maintaining an affordable price point that ensures you get the most out of every dollar spent.

Our experienced team can work within your budget and build a beautiful pool to enjoy for decades to come. Get in touch with us today to start planning the construction of your new pool!

  • Classic Pool Designs

    Our classic pool designs provide the perfect mix of the traditional and familiar while being customized to offer the best fit for your home in terms of desired style and features.

  • Contemporary Pool Designs

    Contemporary swimming pool designs are ideal for those looking for a pool with an updated flair. These pools provide new spins on functionality and style, often with an emphasis on bold looks and a deviation from standard pool design characteristics.

  • Linear Pool Designs

    Sometimes known as geometric pools, linear pool designs showcase a neat and clean aesthetic by relying on lean, straight lines, geometric shapes and a minimizing of the waterline along the edge of the pool for a more refined look.

  • Modern Pool Designs

    Modern swimming pool designs typically offer an emphasis on sleek, minimalistic looks that aim to reflect and incorporate the home’s architectural characteristics rather than being a standalone feature.

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Getting a quote couldn’t be easier. Let’s work together to make your backyard your own personal oasis. Your information remains private and will only be given to one of our professional pool designers to contact you. Our pool designers provide you with high quality information… not high pressure.

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