The Best Place for Pool Supplies in Oklahoma City

 Our in-house retail store is your everyday pool supplies store that offers pool pumps, pool filters, cleaning kits, and pool chemicals. We also offer services like in-store water testing and chemical recommendation. Blue Haven’s in-store pool supplies expert will help you decide what you need in the way of pool supplies.

It’s not that difficult to come by swimming pool supplies in Oklahoma City, but the tough part is finding the expertise to go with them. Having been in the pool business for nearly 30 years, Blue Haven Pools OKC is proud of the knowledge and practical experience of all of our employees. We can help you get your pool chemistry right; we can help update your swimming pool vacuums and filters, and we can help with any maintenance questions you have. Blue Haven’s retail store should be your one stop shop for pool accessories and pool supplies.

Call (405) 844-7500 or stop by today for your pool supplies, Oklahoma City!